Travis Scott’s Latest Album ‘Jackboys’ hit No.1 in the billboard
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Travis Scott’s Latest Album ‘Jackboys’ hit No.1 in the billboard

  Travis Recently released his new project Called Jackboys in which he and his friends made it together. Travis Scott’s latest project Jackboys launched to No.1 on the billboard 200 Chart. 

     After the release of Astroworld Travis released Jackboys 

In which the features of jackboys are 

Travis Scott, ChaseB, Sheckwes, Dontoliver, Pop smoke, lil Baby and Rosalia for remix of ‘Highest in the Room’ 

    Its also one of my favourite album. In which the Dontoliver was good. His vocals were relaxing. 

Anyways the main intention of this project is to know about the new artist like Don Toliver and sheckwes. 

   Travis Scott’s last album was Astroworld In which it hit No.1 and the nicki minaj album Queen was No. 2. In which she was upset about Travis selling merch and making money. 

  Jackboys used many fancy and vintage cars including the vintage BMW in which it is for bid. And also first rapper to use the Cybertruck. 

Yes Travis scott used Cybertruck for the song called Gang Gang. And even he used Bugatti for the song called gatti. 

And he might drop his latest Nike sb dunk by February 

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