How the sneaker company Lost Billion dollars Due to global Crisis
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How the sneaker company Lost Billion dollars Due to global Crisis

Due to the coronavirus there is a huge loss everywhere even the sneaker and apparel company lost huge amounts of money because of the rumours and facts. 

  Nike, Adidas, Pumas and many more companies told their employees to work at home. And also there is a huge problem in the production and in the export. And there were few stores has been closed due to this Global Crisis. Due to this there been huge loss in the sales. And also few Air Jordan 1 were postponed to release due the effect of coronavirus. 

   Even the kanye west company yeezy lost huge number of money and postponed few sneakers to release. 

   Due to this virus there is been postponed many events such as Olympics where Nike is preparing uniforms. 

   It not only affect the company even the sneaker resellers also suffering due to this. Where they lost around 2 billion dollars due to the postponed of the world’s largest sneaker reselling event that is sneakercon. 

   Sneakercon postponed its two major events due to corona virus. The events was about to take place at phoenix, Arizona, Cleveland, Ohio where it was about to take place at March 14 and 21 and been postponed it. 

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