Travis Scott Mcdonald’s collab and Dropped Plenty of Merch

Travis Scott Mcdonald’s collab and Dropped Plenty of Merch

 American Artist Travis Scott recently Collaborated with Biggest food chain brand Mcdonald’s and dropped $6 Quarter Pounder Cheese Burger. 

   This was one of the best and unexpected collab 

Where no artist collaborated with Mcdonald’s before.

   This collaboration has some best apparels so far including Nugget Body Pillow, Blanket, Travis Scott cutout, CPFM Burger Mouth Rug, and plenty of tshirts. Fans went crazy during the first day of drop and Travis Scott himself served the meal. 

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  There was a small meet and Greet where Travis Scott showed up with his La Ferrari. 

   Soon after the meet and Greet he was fined $200 for not taking the permission to film the whole meet and Greet. 

All the apparels are reselling for crazy number amount in the reselling game. The Nugget pillow is reselling for around $650 and also few merch. 

   Few fans resold the menu which looks like they ripped directly from the Mcdonald’s wall and they put it up for sale in ebay. 

Few collections still available at official Travis website and all the collections were sold quickly after the release. 

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