Nike Sues LA Based Clothing brand Warren Lotas over illegal SB DUNKS

Nike Sues LA Based Clothing brand Warren Lotas over illegal SB DUNKS

LA Based Streetwear brand Warren Lotas is famous for their unique jacket and limited SB DUNKS. Due to this dunks they are in huge trouble. 

   Nike put a lawsuit on Warren Lotas for replicating their iconic dunks. As everybody familiar with skateboarding dunks are back in trend. So Warren Lotas took advantage of that and dropped very limited dunks in the market which is exactly similar to Nike dunks which has some difference at the swoosh where they added their logo at the swoosh. 

  In a trademark lawsuit filed in federal Court. Still everyone is in a confusion about the sneakers whether they are legitimate customisation or fakes. 

 Nike is looking for compensation regarding the replicating their iconic dunks and also informed to stop the sale and production of the sneakers. 

  After the lawsuit Warren Lotas posted in instagram defending about their products and mentioned about the controversy regarding the lawsuit between Nike and Warren Lotas and told that investigation is going on. And also mentioned plans to move forward regarding fulfilling the orders.  

Nike also submitted their proof as images where the Nike dunks looks exactly like the sneakers Warren Lotas is selling. 

  Sneakers are Nike SB dunk low NYC pigeon it was released in limited quantity at 2005 and also Stussy x Nike SB dunk low “Cherry”. 

  Warren Lotas mentioned in instagram saying that  “I firmly believe that my intentions have been misconstrued.” and also mentioned that they create things that didn’t exist in the market. 

  Warren Lotas is famous for their iconic jackets and t-shirt. Due to this controversy the sneakers which Warren Lotas produced, the prices of these sneakers will skyrocket in the secondary market.  As few pairs sold for $25k in the Streetwear trading application. 

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